The music education (how to play an instrument basically but not limited to) is still pretty 100% traditional (land based schools) - ACCESS can be a limit if considered on a world scale.

Some schools, especially the bigger ones, duplicated the offer on the web with online courses.

Some interesting online products offer new tech and interactive tools to study but there is no community, no marketplace.

It still misses a pure digital UGC platform and marketplace where demand and offer can easily, immediately and freely meet also thousands of Km away from each other.

We still miss a modern marketplace for the music e-learning where music e-learning makes community.

Local and face to face music learning cannot be substituted but can be enriched!




Music Pills is a project that is born from passion.

Music is in our DNA, playing music and learning how to play have been - and still are - a big part of our lives.

Then, one day in early 2016 we thought to ourselves:
"Hey, you know what? A real 100% digital marketplace to buy or sell music lessons still doesn't exist - let's create one!"
The idea got us super excited and Music Pills was born.

Why "pills"?
It's not just a catchy marketing phrase; we chose the term "pills" because it's a word that's crucial to our central concept.
We didn't want to replicate any of the hundreds of other online music schools.

Our goal is to create an online marketplace where every talented musician (and tutor) from every corner of the globe can sell or offer - with no charge - his/her bite size "pills" of talent to budding musicians and to anybody interested in learning an instrument all over the world.
Spreading musical passion and giving the chance to share and exchange pills of music e-learning - with no geographical boundaries and with full modularity - is our fundamental concept of freedom, and is at the very heart of what we do at Music Pills.

Our dream is to create the #1 community for music learning and music instrument enthusiasts - for both teachers and students.

Music Pills is a project that originates from passion because we are musicians, we are dreamers and we are Italian.